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Tips From Rihanna To Repair Hair Looks Healthy and Soft

Tips From Rihanna To Repair Hair Looks Healthy and Soft

Rihanna has a unique hair shape. There are times when some of her hair is modeled like a man, but the rest is left long and loose. Rihanna once appeared with attractive contemporary hair, long curls, and dreadlocks.

Although often changing models, Rihanna’s hair looks healthy and soft. Hairdresser Yusef Williams revealed three key hair care from the Umbrella singer .

1. Hair Lotion Hair
lotion is very good for softening because it contains olive oil. In addition, this lotion makes the hair more shiny and effectively prevents damage from the use of hot hair styling tools, such as vise. Yusef Williams said Rihanna always applied hair lotions at any time, especially when shooting.

2. Conditioner
Another trick for making Rihanna’s hair beautiful and healthy is to use a conditioner. Yusef Williams said Rihanna preferred to use the Mega Rich series conditioner from Peter Thomas Roth which was quite affordable, which was around US $ 12 or Rp. 174 thousand. The conditioner makes Rihanna’s hair sparkle, soft and fragrant.

3. Hair Vitamins
Lastly, Rihanna’s favorite treatment is to use hair vitamins, namely Botanical Scalp Treatment. “I like to apply this vitamin before or while using a dryer,” said Yusef Williams, explaining that hair vitamins function to moisturize and increase hair growth. In addition, vitamin hair is effective in overcoming dry and itchy scalp, it also strengthens hair.