The Victoria's Secret Model Diet, Slim and Always Fit at Any Time
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The Victoria’s Secret Model Diet, Slim and Always Fit at Any Time

The Victoria’s Secret Model Diet, Slim and Always Fit at Any Time

Have you ever watched the show Victoria’s Secret model and secretly curious, what food is the slim secret of the models? Their slim body is not something that is easy to achieve, but not impossible. As we know, forming bodies not only with food, but also with sports.

Reported by Insider, the model admits that sport is a thing that has become their routine every day. Moreover, Victoria’s Secret model is mandatory to have a slim body but still fit and a little muscular. For example, Lily Aldridge, exercising at the gym 6 times a week.

The latest Victoria’s Secret model, Jasmine Tookes only, exercises 7 times a week for an hour and a half each day and combines weight, pilates, and barre sports. However, it is no secret that diet is part of the effort to make the body perfect. Come on, peek at what they eat to stay slim.

Lily Aldridge eats lots of protein foods and vegetables and runs low-carb diets. Two months before the show, he really did not drink alcohol. One week before the show, Aldridge did not eat any salty food at all!

This healthier habit is also adopted by Adriana Lima. Why ? Because in 2011, she had undergone a diet that is too extreme that only drink protein shake or beverage protein for 9 days before the show as a substitute for food and not drink at all 12 hours before the show.

Meanwhile, Candice Swanepoel who became a favorite model in Victoria’s Secret claimed to focus more on the pattern of exercise than diet. Himself admitted enough to consume more protein foods because they want to be muscular.

If you’re curious about Alexandra Ambrosio, the perfect two-child model, she only eats non-fat roasted chicken, salads and vegetables before going on stage for a show.