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The Secrret Beauty of Victoria’s Secret Angel : Josephine Skriver

The Secrret Beauty of Victoria’s Secret Angel : Josephine Skriver

Victoria’s Secret model always attracts public attention. How come? Beauty Victoria’s Secret model is able to make all women envious. Like Josephine Skriver.

Josephine Skriver is from the Netherlands. She became a Victoria’s Secret Angel since last year 2016. Josephine Skriver as a Victoria’s Secret Angel knows how to care the skin in a fun away.

Josephine Skriver has a great collection of funny animal shaped sheet masks . Although it has become a world-class model, does not mean Josephine apart from skin type problems.

The 25-year-old Josephine Skriver has been a model since he was 18 years old. Throughout his career, he realized the importance of health and body shape are proportional.  Therefore, women with 180 cm height is always exercising in order to maintain health and body shape.

Models that have appeared on the front cover of leading magazines, such as Vanity Fair, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, and Vogue is like cardio and boxing .

Josephine Skriver itself has a sensitive skin type. When traveling to different countries, the skin sometimes becomes very dry and sometimes becomes very oily due to the use of different makeup.

The most important step in her beauty routine is to make sure all makeup is completely erased. Even with waterproof products, like even mascara.

Let see the newest Victoria’s Secret Angel, Josephine Skrivers with Swimwer or Sexy Bikini :