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The Best Collection Sunglasses Models By Priyanka Chopra

The Best Collection Sunglasses Models By Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra has just inaugurated her engagement with Nick Jonas. Not only her engagement, her everyday style also deserves to be a conversation. Sunglasses seem to be one of her favorite accessories. Want to know what sunglasses are the Priyanka collection? These are 5 favorite Priyanka Chopra sunglasses models.

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Just us girls.. #goals ❤️💋

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Black cat eye glasses

Cat eye glasses are now one of the most sought after fashion lovers. This 90s style sunglasses are indeed able to give an edgy impression in whatever appearance.
Priyanka was also seen wearing one of them when carrying her beloved dog for a walk. She looks chic wearing a top halter cropped and a casual pants culottes. To evade her wearing white loafers and trendy cat eye black glasses .

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Mini frame glasses with leopard motif

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet ❤️

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In addition to cat eye glasses , now glasses with small-sized frames are also becoming a trend. Glasses with mini frames are indeed just an accessory for appearance, do not function optimally as they should.

Well , Priyanka, but she once wore it while walking in New York. She was wearing a Knitwear short sleeves colored bright yellow combined again with a pair of wide-leg of the chic . After that she perfected her appearance with a mini frame glasses that had a leopard motif on the design. Leopard motif can also be a new choice. Not only a statement , this motif will also make your appearance more stylish .

Round brown sunglasses that are feminine

Mmmm..the sun got me like 🌝

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Its Important for you feminine women, choosing glasses does not have to be always black. You can try Priyanka-style brown glasses on this one.  Priyanka also combines it with a solid match that is dominated by sweet pink pastel colors . No need to match, these brown glasses are able to perfect the appearance at that time.

Oval glasses with white frames

And then Priyanka was once seen wearing oval glasses with a white frame in a classic style. These glasses are also known as glasses that are often used by Kurt Cobain. Therefore there is an impression of rock n ‘roll that emanates from each of these glasses.
But Priyanka actually combined it with a cut-out blazer and a pencil skirt that had a smart casual impression . It turns out that even though it is a professional style, these glasses still look stylish , do you use Priyanka? Besides glasses, Priyanka ‘s dress choices can also be an inspiration.

Glasses box with a red frame


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The red color on the glasses has a vintage impression on the display. Besides that the red color will also be a statement so that the display looks more bold. Priyanka was seen wearing one of these glasses, ya .
During the summer vacation she was seen basking in glasses with a red frame . Do not forget she added hoop earrings that make it look more impressive in the 90s. This a perfect style by Priyanka Chropa.