5 Types of Male Outfits Ready to Melted the Girls
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5 Types of Male Outfits Ready to Melted the Girls

5 Types of Male Outfits Ready to Melted the Girls

Physical appearance is the controller of one’s impression. Men who dress neatly or have interesting fashion taste, will make the hearts of people around including women melt. So, if you want to attract women, you need to try to improve the quality of your appearance.

Here are five types of bosses a man should have. Can make women’s hearts melt.

  1. T-shirt Black or White Plain

A plain black or white shirt is a shirt should be in your closet. It’s up to you to have one or more. Choose the pieces that fit in your arm so that the muscles in your hands look dashing. This white t-shirt you can wear while walking around with friends or out with the people closest to you. If you confuse what subordinates fit, wear only skinny jeans. Remember, jeans yes, not jegging. Wear and show your belt if necessary.




  1. Shirt

Make you an office worker, shirt is a mandatory item that you have. Fitting again ngantor, wear long-sleeved shirt to look formal. This shirt sleeves you can roll off again. Believe me, women will easily melt with men who wear shirts with rolled sleeves. Tips, rolled up neatly to my sessions. Fitting again outside the office, short-sleeved shirts can be an alternative dress. For his subordinates, can pants work, chino, or jeans if you want casual.

  1. Henley

Henley is a t-shirt-like top boss that has buttons on the chest to the neck. Henley superiors can be an alternative when hangout with friends or nge- date with a partner. Choose a cutting fit to form your body and hands, yes.

  1. Suit and Tie

Dear men, consider buying at least one suit and tie suit with good quality. This boss you can wear when there is an office meeting that requires you to wear formal clothes. This boss can also be worn while attending a wedding.

  1. Jacket Leather

The black leather jacket is timeless. Men have been wearing them for many years, and this timeless piece never really seems to go out of style. If you decide to wear one, make sure that if fits you well. Fit is key when it comes to the black leather jacket. Enjoy our collection of black leather jacket inspiration for men.