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1980’s Best Fashion To Be Come Back

1980’s Best Fashion To Be Come Back

Fashion Trend that usually likes to go back to antiquity.Item from a few decades ago that is outdated will again hits again guys. In the year 2018 will follow the trend in the era of the 80s, do you know the style and fashion of the 80s? If you are a fashion lady or an updated fashion would want to know anything that complements your style and appearance. Let’s check.

Jean Jackets

Originally made for workers because of its ‘hardiness’ and is still often the center of attention. Because in addition to protect us from the weather, can make us look cool plasticity. Right ?

Mini Skirt

Mini skirts were created around the 60’s. British designer Mary Quant and French designer Andre Courreges are often cited as the first to create it. In the 80s mini skirts are not too much variety, more to the color variations. From black, calm colors, to neon colors, and made from leather.

Ripped Jeans

Alias jeans torn. In the 70s, such model jeans were often associated with disadvantaged people in the working class. Due to minimize the purchase of new jeans, they will use jeans that he owned for a long time even when already torn. In the following year, the 80s and 90s, the so-called distressed jeans model is well known amongst hard rock / heavy metal music lovers as well as grunge. Now, lots of jeans with artificial tears that you can meet or even DIY yourself.

Big Earrings

In the 80s it also seemed that everyone was wearing large earrings that looked like knocking doors. Now if you want to try to use but not confident, can try hoop earrings with a simple model and not too big. colors like pastels, to neon colors, and also some are made from leather.

Slogan T-shirts

If the clothes with a slogan or quote theme seems to be always the trend. Because this is based on peminat.Karena writing on the clothes can be replaced starting from the slogan, pearls, quotes, or special statements are funny and politics.


I think since the 80’s the trend of leggings has not subsided. From the young to the Leggings mothers get slogans soft pants are comfortable to use. Because it can be combined with a variety of appearances.

So, are you ready to try fashion and back to the 80s?