Wedding 3 Ladyboy Thai Viral In Social Media
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Wedding 3 Ladyboy Thai Viral In Social Media

Wedding 3 Ladyboy Thai Viral In Social Media

Thailand is a country famous for the White Elephant country. Thailand is also famous for Ladyboy or in kathoey terms.

What is Kathoey? Kathoey or katoey is a Thai term referring to a transgender woman or gay feminine man in Thailand. They are born with a physical male with vital organs as men.

Ladyboy’s lifestyle can defeat women. With clothing that attracted the attention of the men, and they dare to do plastic surgery to make his appearance look more perfect. Starting from the eyes, lips, face to the vital tools that they do to be beautiful.

This man’s lifestyle is the first thing that happens in the country of Thailand, with the agreement of the three men who swear an oath will always be with three.

Thailand had a scene with news about the Lady boy who married three or could be called a male threesome. The three Bangkok, Thailand men named Joke, Belle and Art, have been married right on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2015. And this is the first history of the marriage of 3 men who made a scene in Thailand.

In a short time, their pictures immediately became the talk of the internet. Art, Belle, and Joke got criticism and congratulations at the same time. However, these three men remain relaxed. Art even participate comment on the post. “This is my marriage!” He wrote. “Love is unconditional and not limited to two people. It brings peace to the world. ”

Although same-sex marriage is not legally recognized under Thai law, they claim to be able to manifest their love under Buddhist law in symbolic ceremonies. They promised to be together forever.