Watch Striptease, Ladyboy To Live Sex Show in Thailand
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Watch Striptease, Ladyboy To Live Sex Show in Thailand

Watch Striptease, Ladyboy To Live Sex Show in Thailand

Visiting Bangkok, Thailand, there are three names most commonly mentioned, if you want to enjoy the night entertainment: Soe Nana, Patpong, and Dome. Three names are always offered taxi drivers and tour guides who take tourists traveling to the capital city of the White Elephant country. The three names are famous as a favorite place for tourists to spend the night in Bangkok because of a number of “pleasures” are offered.

Patpong for example. In the area not far from the city center, a number of clubs offer a sensation that could make the eyes of visitors do not have a chance to blink. Especially in an area that historically opened by Chinese immigrants, became a haven for gays. Some clubs and massage parlors do specialize for gay and transgender visitors. Another club that offers a real female striptease dance is no less excited.

Local brokers and thugs compete to attract tourists to the clubs who have paid for it. Even the doors of the club are intentionally opened slightly, so that passing tourists can peek for a moment what is happening in it. And of course, then interested to enter. But do not try to take out the camera to photograph part of the show shown by the club, because the guards did not hesitate to take the camera for safekeeping. In this area too, a number of clubs offer their visitors to watch live sex shows with a duration of 10 to 15 minutes.

The price offered is relatively expensive. To watch the scene directly, you are charged about 3000 baht (about Rp900 thousand). Of course the sensation will be felt different when watching the sex scene through DVD pieces. Patpong is a region already known throughout the world as a prostitution area. Patpong is also an area that is always busy visited by tourists offering the night market by selling a number of souvenirs. Interestingly, some street vendors also offer sex toys, such as dildos and vibrators, as well as pornographic DVDs.

Even if it does not intend to enter the club, but still want to feel the atmosphere of night festivities in Patpong while washing the eyes, on the roadside many food stalls with relatively cheap price. But for the people of Adam is expected to be more vigilant and cautious when walking alone. Because, the gay in the region famous for aggressive. From just chatting together, you may be caught up in their lethal seduction to spend time in a gay club.

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