Viral Operation of Buffalo Nut Lip trends in Thailand
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Viral Operation of Buffalo Nut Lip trends in Thailand

Viral Operation of Buffalo Nut Lip trends in Thailand

Pretty is what all women want. Women now will certainly do everything to make it look beautiful. Many women are willing to do plastic surgery just to get the beauty. Not only the southern korea state is the country with the most female population performing plastic surgery. Thailand is also a country with sophisticated tools that can change women’s fairness to be more perfect.

Beauty Is Pain, all women if you want to get the beauty of course must feel the pain. As in the first time want to walk with heels, they must be willing to walk like a princess. If a woman wants to look slim, they should wear a corset or shape wear. And now if women want to look beautiful on the shape of their face they will be willing to try to change it with plastic surgery.

Some time ago Thailand has a trend to change the shape of the lips to be similar to the buffalo horn and this is very popular and super popular in the country.

Actually this trend has been around since 2009 and became very popular over the last five years. This operation is also called ‘buffalo nut‘ or ‘krachap lips‘. Initially many women who want to have a lip shape like PatcharapaAumChaichua, a popular artist in Thailand. But not all plastic surgery goes with the desired one (expectations do not match the reality). And recommended from doctors that this operation is no longer required for women.


This case becomes a national problem. The doctors tried to persuade the patient rather not to do this surgery, but many are looking for other doctors who want to perform this operation. Some doctors even raise the price of this krachap operation so twice that demand decreases. But it turns out more and more women who want to change the shape of their lips. This trend is only in Thailand and has not been found in other countries.

Women who perform this surgery are also very easy to recognize. The center of their lips is more advanced and taper. This is because the process of tissue reduction in the left and right lip so that the lips look thinner.

This procedure is favored because Thai beliefs reveal that thin and pointed lips will make them famous and have great luck. Thai people are very easily influenced certain trends and beliefs.

For the cost itself is quite enough to drain the bag. Costs include 30,000 baht (Rp.11,5 million) per piece of lips or 55,000 baht (Rp.21.2 million) for both parts of the lips. The surgeons confessed that the operation was 90% of their income.

The impact and risks of this Buffalo Horn Worm Operation are very negative. Their lips will look thin and lips can not be closed properly. Many have a hasty effect after performing lip surgery. Lips that have a thin shape also can not be restored originally.