Tricks To Lash The Eyelashes Can Be Used
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Tricks To Lash The Eyelashes Can Be Used

Tricks To Lash The Eyelashes Can Be Used

The eyelashes are part of the eyelid that smoothed the hair strands. Eye hair is a very soft hair that aims to protect the dust, dry, or water that does not drip into the eye. Some makeup products come with disposable packaging, for example false eyelashes. This makes it easy for lovers of makeup to wear hygienic eyelashes. In addition to making women become more extravagant because they have to buy eyelashes or stock at home for the purposes of continuing

But don’t’ worry. Because the actress Paola Serena Novelli or known Paola Tambunan have tips for your wallet is not empty just because the false eyelashes. “If I, one false eyelash can be used more than five times. After use, cleaned with a cute tip with eye makeup remover until the glue off all. Then dried and can be used again, “said Paola when found in La Moda, recently. When theye feels there is still a trace of dirt on the eyelashes, Paola will usually soak it back with warm water. This is a way to get hygienic and reusable eyelashes.

Don’t forget to clean the remnants of glue on the original eyelashes with eye makeup remover so that the eyes do not come infected and eyelash hair is not easy to fall out. “I always make sure the glue attached to the sash of eyelashes is gone, because sometimes, seen in the glass is clean, but when cleaned there is still residue,”. I This this tricks make you’re wallet savety.

So this for you please try this trick, maybe help and make it easier for you to keep the eyelashes that have been used. Eyelashes are a beautiful crown to beautify the face there, so no one if interested to try it.. Lets Do it Ladies !

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