Trending Vintage Clothing Changes For Woman
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Trending Vintage Clothing Changes For Woman

Trending Vintage Clothing Changes For Woman

Vintage clothing is a generic term for garments originating from a previous era. The phrase is also used in connection with a retail outlet. “vintage clothing store.” Today vintage dressing encompasses choosing accessories, mixing vintage garments with new, as well as creating an ensemble of various styles and periods. Vintage clothes typically sell at low prices for high end named brands. It has been part of the world since World War I as an idea of reusing clothing because of the textile shortage.


Vintage clothing can be found in cities at local boutiques or local charities, or also on the internet. Goodwill and Salvation Army are the top two charites to donate or shop for vintage clothing. Vintage clothing is used as a muse for new designs and is known to be retro clothing.


The rise of vintage from fashion to furniture has been well documented on blogs and in the media . But as more businesses rebrand second hand as shabby chic will retro style fall out of favour? “Even if you go back two or three years you used to get real bargains. You could bid on old fashion on eBay and get it for 99p, now the same items are £60 or £70,” says Estelle Riley.


All of these fashion trends are going to be aimed towards the spring weather as it’s getting warmer and close to summer ! If you haven’t read my other articles in this series then here they are :


Vintage hats that look like old newspaper boy hats are a prefect way to turn your outfit from plain to rather sophisticated. They go with almost every outfit wether you want to pair it with a dress or ripped jeans.

Berets have always been a great statement piece however, as spring is approaching, wearing a beret with a summer dress or skirt brings a cute and luxury vibe to your look.