Traditional Wedding Ceremony in Thailand
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Traditional Wedding Ceremony in Thailand

Traditional Wedding Ceremony in Thailand

Marriage is a very sacred thing. This ceremony, generally done once in a lifetime, until a happy old days. In order for the procession to run smoothly, the ceremony was done normally and adjust to the rules that apply. This applies everywhere, including with a wedding ceremony in Thailand.

How is a Wedding Ceremony in Thailand?

  1. In Thailand, the distance between the fiance and the wedding process takes place very quickly. In other words, they do engagement in the morning, then in the evening they have a wedding party.
  2. The majority of brides in Thailand strongly trust the good date (they will ask the Pastor). This is very likely to happen, especially if the bride is very pass on the date of their marriage to the Pastor.
  3. In Thailand also use Dowry. There, the dowry itself is known as Thong Mun, which means “gold on the day of marriage“. Dowry is an amount of money or goods given by the groom to the bride in a wedding ceremony.
  4. Flower jewelry should be used on the heads of both brides. The wedding ceremony in Thailand, held by pairing the interconnected flower arrangement at the head of the bride. This wedding ceremony is called Rod Nam Sang Ceremony.

Traditional Wedding is also here. In traditional style, a wedding held in Bangkok precisely at the bride’s home can present a unique inspiration for a warmth-filled ceremony. Not impressed fancy, but displaying deep meaning and happiness.

Traditional Weddings also include prayer readings and offerings of food and other gifts for Buddhist monks and images, and non-Buddhist components rooted in folk traditions, centered on couples families. The couple can then make offerings of food, flowers, and medicines to these monks. Cash gifts (usually placed in envelopes) can also be presented to the temple at this time.