Tips For Shoes Suede To Be Durable
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Tips For Shoes Suede To Be Durable

Tips For Shoes Suede To Be Durable

The most important factor in the main appearance is the shoe. Yes, shoes will always provide comfort and increase confidence for its users. Shoes consist of various materials such as suede, genuine leather, faux leather, canvas, jeans and velvet. Well, you guys are hard to get rid of suede shoes.

Ever find it difficult to care for shoes made from velvet? Well, every shoe material has a different way for the treatment process. Velvet which has another name velvet originally derived from silk. As a result of increased demand while silkworms are limited, since the 14th century the velvet is considered a luxurious material and thus requires special treatment. However, pure velvet made of silk is now very rarely found. Usually made from a blend of silk and other materials.

The most important is getting used to cleaning after wear. If not exposed to heavy impurities such as mud or oil, you just need to brush it with a special brush. Brush slowly and do not be too pressed as in leather shoes.

Storage of Suede Shoes

If velvet is a favorite shoe material and often you use, you should put on a shoe rack with plastic first wrapped. Its function is to avoid your favorite shoes from dust. Dust is very easy to stick to velvet material. If it has been stuck to dust for a long time, velvet colors will become dull and more difficult when cleaned.

Well, if you rarely use it, you still have to pay attention to the condition. Make sure the shoes are dry and clean, then insert the carton or newspaper rolls into the shoe. The goal is to keep the shoe shape so as not to change when not used for a long time. You can also add a camper to keep shoes away from unpleasant smells when stored.

How To Protect Velvet Shoes From Dirt

Shoe stores usually provide a special protective velvet shoe spray product. The function of the product is to avoid the dirt that can stick to the velvet material. Simply spray with a distance of about 10cm from the shoe. If too close, the fibers in the velvet can even clot and stick. After spraying, let stand for a few minutes. Afterwards, you can brush it with a special brush or toothbrush with a soft bristle brush. Store the shoes in a bag to avoid friction from other shoes. Don’t use wet wipes or water when cleaning velvet boots. Use a dry cloth or wipes with soap foam. Cleaning with wet wipes or water will take longer. It can also affect the velvet quality and make it change color. If you already use water, immediately dry with a dry cloth while brush slowly with a circular motion to the dry part. The goal is to divide the dry and moist, so that it can disguise the emergence of color differences.


Come on, take care of your favorite shoes in order to survive long and accompany our steps continue, Ladies!