This Thai Girl Brilliantly Recreates Celeb Outfits With Food
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This Thai Girl Brilliantly Recreates Celeb Outfits With Food

This Thai Girl Brilliantly Recreates Celeb Outfits With Food

Have you ever wanted to cosplay as your favorite character or celebrity but gave up because it seemed like too much effort? That’s true, cosplay take a lot of effort, it can also take up quite a lot of time and money, because some of the outfits can be pricey or will have to be tailored.

However, there’s a girl in Thailand who’s managed to become quite famous for her cosplays and celebrity outfit recreations without having to use any expensive fabrics or designer pieces. Sine Benjaphorn , 22, managed to create very impressive outfits using just food.

The idea came to her when she realized she loves cosplay but she also loves food, so she decided that she should combine the two things she loves and incorporate food into her cosplays. You’ve got to admit, that’s a very creative approach.

Sine says her mother and aunt help her create her edible outfits and then, after she’s done taking pictures, her whole family can enjoy the food used for it. So you know, nothing really goes to waste when making these costumes.

At the moment Sine is a student, but she’s also managed to attract an audience with her cosplays and become quite a well known social influencer in Thailand. She’s done so many different looks at this point, from local celebrities to Rihanna’s red carpet looks, but she’s nowhere near done and has a lot of ideas for future cosplays.

In fact, she says the next thing she wants to try is recreate Disney Princesses with food. We wish her all the luck! Here are some of her awesome outfit recreations, and if you want to see more definitely follow her on Instagram.

  • Brilliant and a rather practical recreation of a L’OF cover. Who needs a puffer jacket is you can use packets of chips.

  • Salad skirt and a good old metal pan to serve as a handbag. I mean, this is genius.
  • Before this recreation you probably never thought that Rihanna dress looks like it’s made out of sliced deli meats, but you won’t be able to unsee it now.
  • Another awesome Rihanna outfit, this time recreated using a basket of spices. Who needs fancy crowns when you’ve got a whole spice basket on your head. Way more convenient this way.
  • This is hilarious and we like the ideal with hair made out of crabs, but we’re not sure Sebastian from the Little Mermaid would appreciate this.