This Line of Authentic Rave Gear Isn’t Just for the Club
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This Line of Authentic Rave Gear Isn’t Just for the Club

Underground club culture often become a source of inspiration for designers who shaped, but their collections created can sometimes feel disconnected from the scene itself. Spring 2017 collection Marc Jacobs is perhaps the ultimate case in point: If you go on a weekend night given to Misty basement somewhere in Brooklyn, chances are you won’t find anything resembling a thigh-high stockings the striped legs paired with pastel colors or overcome platform for the party. You will more likely find clothes approached the photographer based in New York City Lydo Le’s design as the X-TRA, which he described only on Instagram brand as  “practical gear raves.”

X-TRA is simple but sleek clothing collection — ranging from raves, bags that you can wear around your waist like a funny package or strap it on your entire body, bright orange color and highlighter yellow, for quieter, earth-toned tank top — comes from the idea is relatively straightforward.  “I want it all look good and have a purpose, ” Le said.  “Everything in the collection is designed with practicality in mind rave so you don’t have to bother with clothes You a warm welcome and can only get deep into the music. It’s all about minimizing external elements to enhance your experience. It’s all just pragmatic, really, but I made everything look sick. “

The brand’s feeling of authenticity has everything to do with its origins—Le says she just started to make X-TRA gear for herself and her friends. Now, it has developed into an online store and a platform for Le and her friends’ mixes.There will even be the first X-TRA rave at some point this spring.

While Le’s pieces are perfect for the dance floor, they’re also appropriate for those who don’t find themselves in dark, sweaty clubs at 4:00 a.m. “Ravers and rave gear are both inclusive of and for all,” Le says. “We already have so many people wearing the rave bag in their daily life to go on runs or just keep their belongings on them while being hands-free.”

That said, the pieces are a smash hit on the club circuit. “Sometimes I’ll get to the rave and every single one of [my friends] will be wearing X-TRA gear,” Le says. “I want to return the favor and help get them recognition for their work.” Listen to Le’s new blistering mix below, and get your rave gear ready for the club this weekend.