The Power Of Makeup Kim is Like Princess Jasmine
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The Power Of Makeup Kim is Like Princess Jasmine

The Power Of Makeup Kim is Like Princess Jasmine

Kim Kardashian is a reality TV star, model, socialite and American actress. Kim is increasingly famous for the reality show series titled Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Kim Kardashian is known as Fashion Influencer because of dress up that reflects herself to cosplay. She is famous always look charming with his beautiful body and ideal it.

On this occasion, Kim Kardashian meets Beauty Vlogger named Kandee Johnson. In her video, Kandee tries to ‘turn’ Kim into Princess Jasmine.

When performing the make up process, Kim admits that Jasmine and Belle are her favorite Disney Princess. Kandee praised how co-operative this reality show star was when dressed. Kim did not complain and occasionally joked with Kandee.

After the makeup by Beauty Vlogger, Kim Kardashian directly called her son, Noth West. Her son is a loyal Princess Disney fan who is surprised by her mother’s face that is very similar to her favorite character. But North West still recognize the mother’s face.

I’m Princess Jasmine, I’m borrowing your mother’s cell! She’s riding on the backseat to go home,” Kim said trying to trick her son.

But Kandee’s makeup tricks on Kim’s face did not succeed in deceiving North. “You’re not like Princess Jasmine, you’re Kim Kardashian! Your voice is not like Princess Jasmine,” North remarked on her ┬ámother’s makeup.

Hearing the words North about the results of makeup, Kandee Johnson was immediately screaming with laughter. “I’m gagaaal, hahaha,” Kandee said with surprise, laughing.