The Power Of Makeup Become a Beautiful Lady Hollywood
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The Power Of Makeup Become a Beautiful Lady Hollywood

The Power Of Makeup Become a Beautiful Lady Hollywood

Makeup does not have to be done by women only. Some men are more skilful wearing makeup. This makeup not only makes a perfect face, because there is a man who is really good at changing his face to be like famous artists.

Paolo Ballesteros is a make up artist whose work makes some people stunned. This man can turn his face into a beautiful celebrity face. No need plastic surgery, no need to inject here and there, all Paolo needs is makeup equipment. With various makeup techniques, Paolo who is an actor and TV presenter from the Philippines is able to change his face to look like beautiful women.

What makes Paolo the talk is the perfect make up, very similar to the artist whose face he imitates. Plus, Paolo make up his own face, then the level of difficulty becomes greater. But look at the makeup results below, you must be fascinated.

This is the power of Paolo’s hands that turned his face into a figure of Katy Perry. A beautiful singer famous. He also makes 99% similar to the original by adding a wig that is similar to Katy Perry.


Her next makeup can turn her into a Rihanna. With makeup and facial shading techniques Paolo becomes an exotic Rihanna and charming sexy lips. Because he wanted to look sempuna he also added wigs on his appearance.


And finally, Paolo balances the same face as Kim Kardashian. The socialite is famous for its beautiful, sexy and attention-grabbing face. And is the wife of the famous American rapper, Kanye West.


Not just the power of makeup alone to be proven, the techniques and how we explore the things we do that are the main factors that support a person wants to get a feel.