The Power Of Beauty Kylie Jenner As Young Mother
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The Power Of Beauty Kylie Jenner As Young Mother

The Power Of Beauty Kylie Jenner As Young Mother

Kylie Jenner welcomes the birth of her baby at a time close to Kim Kardashian. If Kim gave birth on January 15, 2018 two weeks later with Kelly who gave birth on 01 February 2018.

Kim Kardashian gave a name for her son Chicago. While Kylie gave the name Stormi. Both also admitted sharing their experiences about how to care for the baby. Kylie feels this is very important for her who just became a mother.

“They (Stormi and Chicago) are always together, it’s nice to see how fast they grow, because Chicago is only two weeks older, he’s a bit smarter,” Kylie said. “Then when Stormi started two weeks old, he did the kind of thing Chicago did, I was very surprised and happy to see them grow together.”

Kylie Jenner also admitted that going through pregnancy is very fun. Despite the weight, but this 20-year-old artist feels getting a lot of valuable experience and more meaningful meaning of life.

Kylie Jenner is busy with Brand Kylie Cosmetics who recently launched a new product about beauty. Lipstick & Eyeshadow Pallet. Promo that he did in social media accounts and websites, making the mother of one child is flooded with orders. The brand became a brand in the city.

Although busy with her activities Kylie admitted that she would rather take care of Stormi own when having spare time. Even the founder of Kylie Cosmetics is so happy when can change the baby diapers.

“I love changing the diapers. It’s really fun to make it clean again. It was a nice experience.” Kylie said.