The 10th Young Boy From Thailand Date With Beautiful & Sexy DJ
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The 10th Young Boy From Thailand Date With Beautiful & Sexy DJ

The 10th Young Boy From Thailand Date With Beautiful & Sexy DJ

The 10-year-young boy is a beautiful and famous model girl from Thailand. The woman from Thailand and is a well-known model in Thailand. Based from some sumper. This 10-year-old boy suddenly became viral after uploading some of his dating photos with a beautiful model to his media social account.

Not yet known what the name of the beautiful and sexy model coupled Nantapong the boy 10 years, but some people in Thailand know him that he is a famous model. Nantapong also invited her girlfriend “girlfriend” high and sexy adult women to some places and even Nantapong also bought the girlfriend an iPhone X smartphone.

Through his viral post on Facebook, the boy named Nantapong Kidwanpattana writes:

“Today, I brought my girlfriend to a movie

Because she is very beautiful, I bought her the iPhone X for 47 thousand bath (Rp19, 5 million).

This mobile is our love gift.

Merry Christmas!”

Nantapong said to invite her boyfriend to watch the movie on Christmas Day, and also expose it gift X iPhone because of her beauty.

Some photos of Selfie intimate he also uploads on his Facebook account. Even when going to watch movies, they also put a gesture of their fingers that form a symbol of love like a romantic couple in general. Some netizens were made curious, some of them tracing who is behind the beautiful women and sexy couples of 10-year-old boy.

Unexpectedly, the beautiful and sexy woman named Thitiworada Janjring, is a model and DJ who has 304 thousand followers on Instagram. She is a famous DJ in thailand with a small and sexy body making everyone comfortable with his profession.

Let’s take a look at some of the photos in her instagram account :

ยิ้มหน่อยย 🤪

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