Review BB Pond’s Magic Powder From Thailand
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Review BB Pond’s Magic Powder From Thailand

Review BB Pond’s Magic Powder From Thailand

Hello Ladies. Have you heard the review of Pond’s Magic Powder BB that again this hype ? Pond’s Magic Powder BB is a product from Thailand who again loved really same girl. The goods result on facial skin make this tiny powder. This product is one of Pond’s Magic Powder BB series that focuses on BB (Blemish Balm) that you often encounter in the words ‘BB Cream’ belongs to korea.

Well, what you are getting more and more curious to know what is Pond’s BB Magic Powder? If so, just give us a review about the benefits of Pond’s BB Magic Powder so you better know its prowess.

  • Suitable for powder setting after foundation and concealer
    If you like being annoyed because your makeup base is often easily faded or erased by sweat and oil, then you can apply this powder as the last touch on your face before you start the activity. The fine powder texture composed of powerful small particles keeps your makeup in place for several hours during your outdoor activities . However, it comes back to the skin condition and the type of foundation and concealer you use, yes. We recommend that you always choose a good concealer brand – foundation as well – to make up You’re lasting.
  • Do not leave a thick impression for your makeup
    Because of the foundation and concealer , your makeup can be thick especially if you apply it to everyday events. If you want to get a natural look as if you do not wear makeup at all, then you can use this powder as soon as you wear a moisturizer and sunscreen . We suggest that you also diligently follow the makeup tips for beginners who are scattered in the universe of the Internet so that your appearance is always neat and not menor.
  • Provide double protection for your face from UVA and UVB rays
    For the size of this small pink bottle and travel friendly , then you must be very surprised by the benefits that can be given, yes. Yes, the setting of powder by Pond’s is indeed claimed to protect your skin from the dangers of UVA and UVB rays that can leave black spots on the skin to lead to terrible skin cancer. However, do not forget to always use the previous sunscreen yes, for the results to be more leverage. You can also match with routine wearing masks, such as Freeman Lemon Clay Mask, for example. The benefits of Freeman lemon is very good for the skin
  • Disguise acne scars and acne that is inflamed
    You are afraid to wear makeup because the skin is sensitive? With this powder you do not have to worry anymore to keep make up even when the skin is acne even though. This powder is designed not to cause sensitivity to the skin and can disguise visible acne. There’s no reason not to be confident anymore, especially if you’ve been following acne-prone acne treatments for acne soon to disappear.
  • Absorb the excess oil on the face
    You often see the skin so quickly greasy after a few hours of outdoor activities with makeup stuck to your face? With this powder you do not have to worry anymore similar things will happen, because the lightweight formula helps to hold the oil-producing glands in your skin to avoid the name of oil refinery leak, he-he. To deal with oily skin that is difficult to treat, you can try to feel the benefits of Freeman charcoal to help reduce excess oil production.
  • Reduce the glossy effect on oily skin
    Connecting from previous points, the next benefit is to reduce the gloss effect on oily skin. You are of course often upset if the end result of your makeup seem shiny in excess. People can definitely guess clearly when you have oily skin that is classified as stubborn to overcome. However, after applying this powder, then you can see the durable matte effect on your skin.

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