Popular Thai Girl on Youtube: Jannine Weigel
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Popular Thai Girl on Youtube: Jannine Weigel

Popular Thai Girl on Youtube: Jannine Weigel

Who does not know this beautiful woman from Thailand? The woman who shook the youtube with the chanel she made herself. Want to know more clearly meggi? Let’s see

Have you ever heard of Jannine before? She is a teenage girl famous for her ability to cover hits. Jannine is a Thai-German blester girl, who grew up in Germany and migrated to Thailand at the age of 10.

Jannine Parawie Weigel was originally the daughter of a German-Thai couple who had an angelic voice talent. The face of his famous face is also able to shake the social world through Youtuber with a total of 2.7 million subcribers.

Before wrestling the world of drag votes, this beautiful young girl had entered the model class until the age of 11 years. Because his feelings did not fit in the model world, she moved his heart to the world of drag votes. Her high spirits within 3 months he focus on learning vocals

And finally Jannine had joined the Thai television program titled “Singing Kids”. At the end of the program he managed to attract the attention of the audience and the jury by winning the third champion in the event. It makes her determination increasingly want to explore music.

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