Model Most Iconic Versace Dresses
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Model Most Iconic Versace Dresses

Model Most Iconic Versace Dresses

Versace is such a big and important name in the fashion world. Versace has not only impacted fashion but in some ways, we think, it changed the world of fashion, made it more interesting and exciting.

When you hear someone is wearing Versace on the red carpet you always want to take a look because you know it’s going to be something fabulous. So today we thought we would take a look at the 10 most iconic Versace dresses.

  1. Bridal Mini

Was it Versace who started the mini dress trend in wedding dresses? Probably. This bridal look Kate Moss modeled on the runway in the fall of 1996 definitely turned heads, it’s nothing if not eye-catching what with the short dress and so much sparkle!

  1. Catholic Symbolism

Versace was never scared to push the envelope and try something new and daring, even if that meant putting crosses and religious symbolism on a skin-tight dress or a mini. This pink dress by Versace that Naomi Campbell wore in the 90s was outrageous at the time.

  1. Golden Era

Gianni Versace’s last collection very much symbolized what he thought was the golden era of fashion. It was a bold move, but we’re pretty sure it sparked the metallic trend in the fashion world.

  1. Pink Princess

This pink dress with a feathered train was definitely the star of the Oscars red carpet in 2007. It did a wonderful job of accentuating Penelope Cruz’s figure while also showcasing the incredible detail that goes into Versace dresses.

  1. Super Bowl

This outfit Lady Gaga wore for her Superbowl performance was also designed by Versace. This is when we all understood that with (their mutually loud statements), they wished to stand out. Fearlessness Versace and Lady Gaga were made for each other.

  1. Leather Love

Versace loves leather. In an interview with Vogue Donatella Versace was once asked “lace or leather” and she picked leather. A controversial statement in this day and age, but she’s a controversial woman. Either way Versace made their share of leather dresses, but these two that Angelina Jolie wore almost 10 years apart (the first to a Mr. and Mrs. Smith premiere in 2005 and the second to a Maleficent premiere in 2014) show that Versace’s love for leather runs deep.

  1. The Leg

While we’re on the topic of Angelina Jolie wearing Versace, it would be rude not to mention the famous black dress she wore to the 2012 Oscars. This Versace gown did an amazing job showcasing Angelina’s legs and overloading Internet servers all in the same day.

  1. A Pop of Color

The pop art dress was first created by Gianni Versace in 1991, and with the latest Versace collection showcasing his biggest hits we’re pretty sure it will make a comeback now, 27 years later. It’s basically timeless.

  1. Religious Red

As we’ve mentioned before, Versace was never afraid to make a statement, and at this point for many fashionistas Versace is a religion. Nicki Minaj went there with this red gown at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

  1. Versace Royalty

This glorious Versace dress that Blake Lively wore to this year’s Met Gala is sure to go down in history as one of the most iconic Versace dresses. Just look at it, it’s downright Royal. And it took 600 hours to make!