Mix and Match: The Sexy Body's Exhibition Hobby, See The Stunning Outfit Dua Lipa Rows
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Mix and Match: The Sexy Body’s Exhibition Hobby, See The Stunning Outfit Dua Lipa Rows

Mix and Match: The Sexy Body’s Exhibition Hobby, See The Stunning Outfit Dua Lipa Rows

Beautiful, melodious and sensual voice, these three characteristics are unique to the figure of Dua Lipa . Singers who increasingly exist since singing the song New Rules is indeed known for the body goals that many women envy.

The former lover of LANY vocalist Paul Klein knows that his proportionate posture matches all sorts of outfits. One partzof the body that he often show off is the six-pack stomach. Dua Lipas are also endowed with exotic brown skin tones. So, when wearing outfit with a cut-out type will surely look sensual sekgus eye-catching.

For fashion items, of course, the midriff or crop top becomes one of the highlights of the Dua Lipa style. Both streetwear and stage style of Two Lipa have always been successful in the public spotlight. You who want to look more brave like Dua Lipa , try this fashionable outfit sneer lover Isaac Carew. This outfit mix-match is perfect for you who are stylish yet stylish online from the comfort zone.


Having exotic faces and body, DuaLipa is never afraid to explore street style with online outfit options. Fashion items that she often combined-matching is tops with crop pieces. Crop top with various types such as ruffle polka dot top, corset top, to high crop top sportswear become mainstay Dua Lipa. Starting from the sensual style of girly to edgy can be seen stunning worn by singers this sexy voice.

For the girly streetwear, Dua Lipa uses a one-set polka dot outfit consisting of ruffles polka dot crop top and midi polka dot skirt fuffle. While edgy style with an instant seen when Dua Lipa matching white cuff ruffles with patent leather pants are black. This monochrome display does not look monotonous with outfit made from contrast that is used by Two maximally.

Not only the street style Dua Lipa is the highlight, the singer of the song One Kiss is also known for the style of the stage and red carpet moment is super stunning. The choice of out-of-the-box dress becomes the key point why Two Lipa be one of the fashion icon for millennials generation today.

Type of dress that is often Two wear is a cut-out accent or berfabric see-through. In addition to looking sensual, this type of dress also gives a modern impression for the whole look Dua Lipa. She also usually choose a tip dress with basic colors such as monochrome colors. The high-slit detail on the underside of the dress also improves the appearance of the Two Lenses.