Marco Asensio Superstar Real Madrid Date With Two Lipa?
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Marco Asensio Superstar Real Madrid Date With Dua Lipa?

Marco Asensio Superstar Real Madrid Date With Dua Lipa?

The latest news from the world of football, Real Madrid striker, Marco Asesnsio into the public spotlight. But this time his play style is like a superstar but Marco reportedly went on a date and close to a beautiful singer from England, Dua Lipa. Dua Lipa is a successful singer in the album “New Rules” and became a singer at the opening ceremony of the Champions League Final between Real Madrid and Liverpol last week..

Dua Lipa drugged an audience at the Olympic Stadium of NSC Olympiyskiy, Kiev, Ukraine, the location of the Champions League final party. However, before the action on stage, Dua Lipa reportedly met with Marco Asensio at the hotel.

Not just met, two people who become superstar is also involved a light conversation. After finishing the game that Real Madrid won 3-1 over Liverpool, it is said that Dua Lipa and Asensio spent the night together.

But the rumor was immediately denied by Two Lipa, that she did not date with Asensio, and Dua Lipa also said that he did not know the Real Madrid Superstar. It is justified via the Dua Lipa Twitter account that replied to the twit of “El Periodico“.

Marco Asensio was born in Spain, 21 st January 1996. From the very moment this handsome-looking man is fond of the ball, and with a handsome face and a stunning performance of the El Real, Marco Asensio is included in a very influential man at Real Madrid.

Not infrequently if in appearance, the sound of cheering and put your hands up when he gives assists or give his name on the scoreboard.

Lets see the appearance of Marco Asensio