Look Beautiful With Natural Eyelashes Without Extension
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Look Beautiful With Natural Eyelashes Without Extension

Look Beautiful With Natural Eyelashes Without Extension

Focus on the eyes is a way to look attractive without using excessive makeup. One of them is a long and lashes eyelashes. Know what are the tips to make our eyelashes are less long and this expose appear more leverage.

Coat the lashes with a liquid concealer before wearing mascara to make it more volume. This is a trick from Kim Kardashian. She uses a small comb to apply the concealer. Wait until dry then use mascara. The comb is messy with a spoolie brush

Spoolie brush, tool to tidy eyebrows and eyelashes, we can also use to make the appearance of fake lashes more natural. Way, brush the strands of hair on the bottom to look messy and has a 3D effect. Wear fake eyelashes under the eyelash Not only make it more visible, but this way also proved more comfortable for the eyes.

Bend the mascara brush to make it easier to be gently directed, bend the top until it is perpendicular to the handle. This form will make the brush more easily controlled. – Brush the excess mascara on the new Maksara tissue can bring the excess mascara content so easy to clot when used. try to remove the excess contents mascara to tissue.

When finished, reinsert the mascara into the bottle. Coat with waterproof mascara Mascara with waterproof formula will make mascara not easily fade all day. Because, coat the usual mascara with waterproof.

This method also makes mascara easy to remove at night. Cover the top and bottom of the eyelashes If your lashes are thin, cover the top and bottom of the eyelashes with mascara by looking up and down when applying them. In this way the lashes will look thicker.

After using mascara can also add it with baby powder. Give a little sprinkle on it. Baby powder aims to provide mascara layer that has been applied to the eyelid for strong and durable.