Lipstick Powder Is Now Trending In Social Media
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Lipstick Powder Is Now Trending In Social Media

Lipstick Powder Is Now Trending In Social Media

Ladies, Lipstick as a makeup that can not be missed so every woman’s routine. Only by using a woman’s lipstick can look more fresh and beautiful. Well, if some time later the trend of makeup products dominated by matte lipstick, in mid 2018 present a powder lipstick products.

As quoted by the Independent, lipstick latest innovation is started in Korea. Finally this is followed by other countries. Well korea is always the front when makeup matter. Then, how the shape of this powder lipstick?

Currently powdered lipstick is made in several forms ie in the form of powders such as glitter, palette, and pen. The way this product application is also different. For a pallet, you just rub it on the lips with the help of a brush or brush that has been provided. Lipstick powder in this palette is made from a material containing balm that is able to moisturize the lips.

Why is that ? Apparently these lipstick color pigments are indeed made in powder form, but the powder actually wraps the water molecules and nutrients in them. When applied to the skin, the color pigment sac will burst and release water molecules and nutrients.

For the pen-shaped is created with an innovative formula that changes from a powder form to a liquid when it comes into direct contact with the skin. Unique really Ladies.

For those of you who want to try this latest innovation, it is advisable to clean the lips first so that the lipstick powder is not attached to the dry lip area. In order for the results more smooth and stick to long you can use lipbalm first. Good luck .