Let See Fashion Inspiration to Party from Jennie Kim BLACKPINK
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Let See Fashion Inspiration to Party from Jennie Kim BLACKPINK

Let See Fashion Inspiration to Party from Jennie Kim BLACKPINK

Jennie Kim, a member of BLACKPINK, is famous as one of Korean celebrities with an exciting fashion style to emulate. In addition to frequently appearing swag , Jennie also likes an elegant style in her dress , but still highlight the quirky and bold side in him.

Jennie looks very suitable to imitate when going to the party, especially for you who like to appear bold and experimental. Jaid for you who still like to confuse choosing clothes for the party, you can contek 5 fashion inspiration to the party from Jennie Kim BLACKPINK.

  1. Checkered Slit Dress for elegant and sexy impression

    To come to the party, not always you have to wear a plain dress . Checkered slit dress like Jennie used this you can imitate. Choose one that has an earthy tone, such as nude, creme, or chocolate to give the impression of elegance. Add matching high heels that will give the illusion of more foot ladder.
  2. Off the Shoulder that looks elegant

    Make your appearance so unusual through little black dress with off the shoulder accents . You can also show your shoulders to give the impression of elegance and feminine. Jennie’s quirky side is also featured on the ribbon ornaments in the dresses she is wearing. Choose a plain black dress for parties at night, and a black dress with funny accents like ribbons for parties during the day, to make your appearance look more relaxed and playful.
  3. Halter Neck suitable for graceful and classy look

    In addition to off the shoulder, the halter neck dress is also capable of turning you look more graceful and classy. Also suitable for you who never hesitate to experiment in appearance. Suitable for a less formal party at night.
  4. Flower Dress is simple but sweet

    The flowy impression will make you look more relaxed but also elegant. Choose a soft color like pastel, white, or gray, with a flower motif that has the same tone as the base color. Strengthen your feminine look with natural makeup lookup.
  5. Half Shoulder with a playful flower accent

    It’s time to dare to appear bold with this unique intersecting half shoulder . Like a half shoulder with a maxi-sized flower accent that makes your appearance more playful. In addition to dress, you can also choose a blouse from knit or sheer material and combined with matching mini skirt.