Kendall Jenner Miss Bruce Jenner on Father's Day?
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Kendall Jenner Miss Bruce Jenner on Father’s Day?

Kendall Jenner Miss Bruce Jenner on Father’s Day?

Kendall Jenner could be the only Kardashian Family who understood the transition of his father, Bruce Jenner, since he was a kid. Kendall Jenner could not hide her loss of a father figure. Nevertheless, he is grateful that Bruce, who has now transformed into Caitlyn Jenner, allowed him to keep addressing him as father.

Although he accepted the condition of the father, apparently there is a moment of Kendall Jenner mised his father’s presence. On this father’s day, Kendall Jenner uploaded a picture of himself with Bruce Jenner on his Instagram account on Monday (6/18/2018).

Family Pictures

In the photo, it appears Kendall and Kylie Jenner was cycling with Bruce. Little Kylie with a pink shirt sitting in front. Meanwhile, Kendall behind daddy in cycle.

Touching Speech

Happy father’s day for you, who raised me,” Kendall Jenner wrote.

Be Thankful

“I’ve known it all since I was a kid, he never confirmed it, but I’ve known him for a long time, and to me he’s still the same person,” he said as quoted from the page Female First , on a different occasion.

Always Be My Dad


“Though his physique is different now, he still let me call him father.I guess that’s the rest of the ‘dads’ I have right now,” Kendall Jenner added.

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Since deciding to turn into a transgender Bruce Jenner changed the name be Caitlyn Janner. The transformation process experienced by Caitlyn Jenner was successful public attention around the world. Kim Kardashian stepfather is finally really steady to be a woman by already performing the procedure of genital surgery.