Jessica Stam's Beauty Called Puppet Faced Model
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Jessica Stam’s Beauty Called Puppet Faced Model

Jessica Stam’s Beauty Called Puppet Faced Model

Supermodel named Jessica Stam dubbed as the “Doll-faced” girl. This Canadian woman is a top model in the 2000’s. Jessica Stam is famous for her wide eyes and shining like an angel. Throughout her career, women who are now 32 years old is often appeared on the cover of fashion magazines in the United States (US).

Stam started his career by winning modeling competition in 2002. Since then, his face is often emblazoned on the pages of W magazine, Vogue US version, and participate in various fashion show.


The Kincardine-born woman appeared several times for Armani fashion house ads, Anna Sui, Nina Ricci, and many more. Her beauty even dazzled designer Marc Jacobs until willing to name one of her design bags in 2005 under the name ‘The Stam‘.

Without excessive makeup, the mother of one child still looks beautiful. The golden age of the owner of that shady gaze took place in 2007. According to Forbes, Jessica appeared in various fashion house fashion shows such as Channel, Christian Dior, Givenchy, and Jean Paul Gaultier.

It remains a model, but is very selective in choosing a job. Jessica also still appear in several fashion show. However, most of the time is now gushing for her little princess born in 2017.

Since the birth of her daughter, Jessica @jessicastamofficial Instagram account is more filled with photos of the child. It is difficult to know the name of the child, also who the father of the little girl. However, in some of his child’s photo uploads, Jessica marks a man named Brahman Turner. Maybe the man is the biological father of his daughter.