Inspired Makeup Palette – Morocco Cosmetics By Rihanna
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Inspired Makeup Palette – Morocco Cosmetics By Rihanna

Inspired Makeup Palette – Morocco Cosmetics By Rihanna

Collection cosmetic Beach Please from Rihanna successfully make the women look sparkling. The launch of this collection of cosmetics through Fenty Beauty, making it quite existent among the collection of special cosmetics summer.

Rihanna’s success in the world of beauty does not stop there. He will again make women look different from the latest cosmetics. This time, Rihanna takes a cosmetic morocco that makes you look sexy.

Eyeliner [Fenty Beauty]

Eyeliner becomes a new item in the collection Fenty Beauty. However Rihanna changed the term eyeliner with Flyliner which is a liquid eyeliner with black color. Eyeliner is also called “Cuz I’m Black“.

Primer [Fenty Beauty]

One of the core products of the Fenty Beauty line is Pro Filt’r primary foundation . This product is considered genius because it will make your eyes look natural without eye bags.

Eyeshadow Palette [Fenty Beauty]

This month, she released a Morocco-inspired eye-shadow palette that includes 16 shades with names such as “Shisha Smoke“, “Desert baked“, and “Nuts n Dates“, which some say inaccurately represent Moroccan culture.

The palette’s desert-themed promotional video has been accused of depicting Moroccan culture from an Orientalist lens, as it features two models posing next to a camel and Arab fusion music playing in the background.

Social media users have also pointed out the lack of Moroccan models in the palette’s promotional campaign.