How To Walk  The Gracious By Using High Heels
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How To Walk  The Gracious By Using High Heels

How To Walk  The Gracious By Using High Heels


Heels can indeed make you look tall and graceful when you use them. But not all women can use it easily. Not all used to walk normally because if first wear it will look stiff and strange when walking.

Use the Fit Size

Choose high heels with sizes that fit your feet. If you don’t choose high heels according to your size, you will not be comfortable when using it. When you want to buy high heels, do not forget to try it first. preferably, buy shoes in the afternoon or after a day of activities with shoes. It is done so that you know the comfort of the high heels that you will buy it, Ladies.

See The Body Shape

The main key if you want to look elegant while using high heels is to pay attention to your posture. Stand up straight but do not look stiff and pull your shoulders back.

Remember that you are not a robot. So, walk casually like using flat shoes that you like. Don’t let your mind assume that using high heels is not fun.

Keep The Body Ballance

When you start using high heels, maintaining balance is the most important thing. Try starting to maintain balance as you walk normally.

This you can do at home. In addition, try to practice walking up and down using the stairs. However, you need to remember, during this exercise you need to be careful and make sure to practice on the stairs with the fence on either side or right.

Give Additional Insert

Providing additional inserts on high heels can be one trick so you can walk gracefully. When you feel that there is empty space on your shoes that makes you less balanced, this way you can apply.

The purpose of providing this additional insert is to make you comfortable using heels. When you’re just not comfortable with the presence of these additional inserts, you can release the inserts.

Increase Confidence

Try to increase confidence when you use high heels. Think that you will be more elegant with the high heels. Don’t look nervous when using these high heels.

Show your high confidence and walk with ease. That way, you look like you’re used to high heels. So, are you ready to wear high heels, Ladies? Balance of Body