Flexible Lipstick Color and Suitable for All Styles
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Flexible Lipstick Color and Suitable for All Styles

Flexible Lipstick Color and Suitable for All Styles

Hi Ladies. All of woman certainly can’t be separated from the makeup or makeup. By applying make-up on her face, a woman’s confidence will increase wherever she is. Type of appearance of the selected makeup of course diverse, there is a liking bold look, natural look, to makeup no makeup look. But certainly in all makeup will not be complete without lipstick. Even women who do not like to apply makeup on her face must have lipstick.

With the many colors of lips that are sold in the market or cosmetic stores, but you must and must have some colors that can be used or combined with any style of clothing. At least, there are 5 colors of lipstick that you must have.

  • Nude

    With a variety of nude colors removed available in the market, choose the color that is most suitable for your skin color, because if it does not match the skin it will worsen the appearance or make you look pale like a sick person. This nude color you can combine or ombre with red, pink, or orange to get the look of lip color is most suitable for skin color and make you look amazing.
  • Pink

    Pink color not only strengthens the beauty of the lips, but is also suitable for almost any type of eye make-up. Choose a lighter pink color for a homely look or choose a bright pink to make you look fresher or fresher.
  • Coral

    Use this shade to complete the look of the eye of any kind, or combine with a blush that is suitable for monochromatic effects. The lips of coral color also blend well for slightly dark or tanned skin. Colors that are too dark can be a little intimidating, but the coral shade works well for the skin tone.
  • Plum

    This color is suitable to apply when you attend formal events such as weddings. Since these colors have become increasingly popular, there are now a variety of colors available in different intensities.
  • Red

    If you have a bold personality, then a red lipstick is an important color in your make-up bag. The red color will look good on all skin tones, depending on the red color whether it is on or darker.