Extraordinary Features Owned By Black Dress
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Extraordinary Features Owned By Black Dress

Extraordinary Features Owned By Black Dress

Italian fashion designer Riccardo Tisci (from Givenchy) said: “Black is an elegant color. The most complete color in the whole world, made of all colors in the palette“. Black is a simple but dominating color, serious and sexy, mysterious and muffled.

This is why whenever you think about attending a party, you are more likely to choose black. But not just for party events, black color you can also choose to use to various events, such as to the office, the road to the mall, or go to various other events. For those of you wondering why we should use black to attend an event, here are some of the benefits you will get by using black, such as:


Giving Slim Impression

Well, for you who have excess body weight, it would be better if you choose color black. Because, by using black clothes will give the impression of slim on your body. So, you will not have any problems with your appearance, and your confidence can reappear. Hence a lot of women who have excess body weight prefer to wear black clothes.

Black is a Neutral Color

Black color is a color that easily combined with other fashion items, ranging from subordinates, tops, bags, or shoes. Because, the black color can be combined with many colors such as, blue, white, green, yellow, or other colors.And then, you will not have difficulty to blend matching color to get perfect appearance.

Giving an Elegant Impression

Using black will make you look more elegant. So, if you want to attend a formal or semi-formal event and want to look more elegant, it would be better if you choose a black outfit. That way, your charismatic side will also come out by itself.

Black Color Able to Reduce Evaporation

The black color can indeed absorb more heat than other colors. But you do not have to hesitate to use black, because by using it also can reflect sunlight which causes the evaporation of the body. So, when your body takes a lot of sweat, it will not harm your body.

Global Color

Not only in American alone, it turns out the black color trend is also much preferred by people in other countries. So, when you are abroad and using black, you will not look old or outdated. Although it looks simple, but the color black is the color that remains today. You can see the latest topic of Black Dress in Fashion KingBest Dressed Golden Globes Awards 2018