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Elizabeth II’s Appearance in Holyrood Week, Stealing Attention!

Elizabeth II’s Appearance in Holyrood Week, Stealing Attention!

Being a queen, having many events become something commonplace. Just as Queen Elizabeth II has mandatory activities in late June to early July of each year. This time the queen was in the Holyrood weekend .

Well what is Holyrood weekend ?

This is an activity to visit various regions of Scotland from all walks of society the Queen for one week. This activity also gives people the opportunity to enter Holyroodhouse Palace in recognition of their good work.

The Holyrood weekend usually runs from late June to early July. The Palace is located in the Royal Mile section of Edinburgh along with the Edinburgh Castle. The Holyrood Palace was the main hallmark of the King and Queen of Skotlandia since the 16th Century.

Well in this event Queen Elizabeth II appear to attract attention.

Queen Elizabeth II arrived at the Holyrood Palace with escort from Balaklava Company Honorary Guards, The Argyll and Sunderland Highlanders and 5th Regiment Battalion of the Kingdom of Scotland.

Wrapped in a bright yellow coat dress and carrying a bunch of Queen flowers looks smiling to the people who come. Holyrood Week always begins with a key handover ceremony on the front page of Holyrood Palace.

In the event there will be a garden party, where the queen will welcome about 8,000 people from all walks of Scottish society . This park party provides an opportunity for guests who come to talk directly with the queen with the accompaniment of music from the bands regiment.