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Cristiano Ronaldo Selling Products Underwear

Cristiano Ronaldo Selling Products Underwear


Cristiano Ronaldo. Who does not know him. The football star is the key to the team’s success and is the portugal captem as well as the main pmeran club of Real Madrid.

Following in the fashion footsteps laid down by the likes of David Beckham, Ronaldo launched his own clothing brand, CR7, in 2013 and since that time he’s gradually increased his product line to include a range of men’s apparel.

Working alongside the likes of New York designer, Richard Chai, and the JBS Textile Group, Ronaldo now offers a range of casual and luxury items, including underwear, shirts, socks and shoes. In fact, with his off the pitch interests now taking him in a number of new directions, it’s likely the CR7 range will continue to grow in the coming years.

Ronaldo enjoys critical acclaim for his skills on the pitch, his interests away from it have certainly helped give him a varied set of skills. Moreover, Ronaldo’s work with TAG, Clear Shampoo and KFC has given him the ability to cross cultural boundaries and become all things to all men.

This sort of social diversity is something that’s not only helped Ronaldo become the most followed sportsman in the world, but a master at spotting trends and crafting his clothes to fit a number of demographics.

At its core, CR7 is built on underwear. Thanks to Ronaldo’s athletic frame, the CR7 underwear range has boomed over the last two years. After starting out with a fairly modest collection of briefs and boxers, Ronaldo now has more than 50 products available for sale with prices cheap range.

Of course, to survive in the world of fashion, diversity is key and to ensure CR7 is able to cater to the dapper sportsperson, CR7 is now able to kit out men from head-to-toe. However, if the quality isn’t there then it doesn’t matter how many products a company offers, it will never succeed.