Costume Designer Jennifer Lawrence Style
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Costume Designer Jennifer Lawrence Style

Costume Designer Jennifer Lawrence Style

Jennifer Lawrence has a knack for effortlessly cool style that balances feminine polish with laidback touches. Jennifer Lawrence is a woman to be truly admired, not only for her acting prowess, determined work ethic and down-to-earth attitude but also for her style

Jennifer Lawrence Red Carpet Style

Although Jennifer Lawrence has had a couple of unfortunate trips at red carpet events, when it comes to red carpet style, the actress never stumbles. Whether she’s headed to the Golden Globes, Oscars, a film premiere, or some other glamorous occasion, Jennifer is always on point. Try her five favourite red carpet looks for style that will steer you right at every wedding, ball and cocktail party.

Jennifer Lawrence Black Lace


One of Jennifer Lawrence’s signature red carpet looks is black lace.  The actress smoulders in this sultry style with the dark hue creating a striking contrast against her platinum blonde locks. Channel Jen’s sexy style at your next black tie event with your own black lace gown. The intricate fabric is so striking that no one will be able to tear their eyes away!

Jennifer Lawrence Head-to-Toe White


While Jennifer looks sultry and smouldering in all black, she also looks stunning and almost angelic in head-to-toe white. Jennifer’s classically beautiful features teamed with an all-white ensemble make her appear like an old Hollywood screen siren. The colour conveys a look that is poised, pure and incredibly elegant. Just add a striking red lip to turn up the drama on this clean look.

Wonderfull Dress in Film Red Sparrow

Costume Designer Jennifer Lawrence Style

The ballet costume foreshadows Dominkia’s involuntary entry into the spy game after she suffers a career-ending injury. With a sick mother to care for, she’s coerced by her Uncle Vanya (Matthias Schoenaerts) to target a Russian bigwig, whom she met before her final performance. For their fateful meeting, Dominika wears a similarly hued dress with lace detail, sheer sleeves and paillette embellishments. “We wanted her to stand out and be reminiscent of what she looked like at the Bolshoi,” explains Summerville. “So as soon as she walks in, she catches his eye.” The color also commands the audience’s eyes, as well, to Dominika, as she waits at the posh hotel bar probably populated by “a lot of women looking for rich Russian husbands.”

Costume Designer Jennifer Lawrence Style

“The dress was tasteful enough, so nothing about it appeared ‘whore-ish,'” adds Summerville. “She just looked beautiful and stunning in the dress.” Style Jennifer Lawrence as sparrow is very beautiful and impressive