Christmas Party in Thailand With Elephant Like Santa Claus
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Christmas Party in Thailand With Elephant Like Santa Claus

Christmas Party in Thailand With Elephant Like Santa Claus

The celebration of Christmas is a day that awaited the Christians and other people because on that day all the tribes are involved in the sparkling Christmas together. Christian holiday which is commemorated annually by Christians on 25 December to commemorate the birthday of Jesus Christ. The tradition of Christmas is commemorated with Christmas tree ornaments, greeting cards, prayers together and the most anticipated is the Santa Claus piece that gives gifts to its people. This tradition comes from the Netherlands. A legendary figure, who visited the children’s house on the night with a flying sleigh pulled some wildebeests dividing the presents.

How to celebrate Christmas in Thailand?

Thailand is the country of the White Elephant. Thai White Elephant (Albino Elephant) a kind of rare elephant, though not a different species. Though often portrayed as snow-white, their skin is usually a soft reddish-brown color that turns pink when wet. They have lashes and nails that are tapering.

In the Thai kingdom, the White Elephant (in Thai language, chang phueak) is sacred and the symbol of royal power; all the white elephants found in the kingdom should be given to the King of Siam.

Due to the growing times, Thailand provides a special tradition where to celebrate Christmas, one of the schools in Thailan, Jirasart Ayutthaya expresses Elephant with Santa Claus costume and distributes gifts to the students. This school transforms the elephant into a “Father Christmas” by wearing a red colored costume like Santa Claus with a large duffel bag behind the back. The elephant danced to accompany the Christmas carols and handed out doll toys to the schoolchildren. The students happily scramble to receive a gift from the elephant’s trunk and “pay” it by giving them food.

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