Check Your Type Sneakers Favorites Looks More Fashionable
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Check Your Type Sneakers Favorites Looks More Fashionable

Check Your Type Sneakers Favorites Looks More Fashionable

Sneakers became one of the favorite shoe models that became the choice of Hollywood artists and celebrities in the country. Not only comfortable to wear, sneakers can also make your style more contemporary and stylish of course.

Classic Style Vans Checkboard

If you want to invest in one type of timeless shoe model , you must have Vans shoes with classic designs. This year, you would see many selebgram local use a shoe Vans kind of checkerboard . Model plaid shoe is a collection of classic Vans and is in demand many people, men and women

Fila Shoes Disruptor Low

Sneakers are now booming series Fila shoes-disruptor low . This Fila shoe material uses synthetic leather material on the bottom of the shoe.

Shoe soles use rubber material so lightly worn. This shoe series is priced in a fairly expensive price range, but very suitable with the quality and the model is very stylish !

 Leather slip-on

In fashion affairs , women definitely have a lot of shoes with a variety of options. However, shoes with a slip-on type that is hype certainly can not miss to enter the list of your shoe collection, here .

Slip-on shoes are considered lightweight and practical to wear to various events. The model is simple, very suitable for both when going to the office or just hanging out with friends on a relaxed weekend.

Vans classic old skool

Vans shoes are very comfortable to wear. Comfort sneakers are obtained from padded padded thickness found on the soles.

In addition to comfortable, Vans old skool shoes with typical lines on the right and left sides of this shoe is in tune. Its neutral color choice, it is suitable to wear along with any outfit and available at a relatively affordable price. You can use it for a long period of time. Treatment was not difficult , you know!

Converse Chuck taylor all star high top

A different look and anti-mainstream with a combination of high-heeled foot shoes can be your inspiration. Model sneakers this one may be spelled out as one of the few types of shoes that became a legend, and survive from time to time.

Who does not know the classic All-Star sneakers Chuck Taylor Converse output ? This shoe has been designed since more than 100 years ago, and is still a trend that continues to be imposed various circles.