Can’t Wait For Coming : New Lingerie Women Of All Size From Rihanna
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Can’t Wait For Coming : New Lingerie Women Of All Size From Rihanna

Can’t Wait For Coming : New Lingerie Women Of All Size From Rihanna

Rihanna has already broken records in music for having the most top 10 Billboard singles and as the first female artist to ever surpass two billion streams on Apple Music. She’s also launched a game changing makeup line, Fenty, that’s focused on inclusivity with a whopping 40 foundation shades in a way that’s never been seen in the cosmetics industry before. And now, RiRi is coming for your underwear drawer.

Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty lingerie line launches worldwide on May 11 (T-minus 11 days). The bad gal singer took to social media for the big reveal, dropping an Instagram post that featured Rihanna modeling one of the line’s boudoir pieces, a sheer pink floral bodysuit. As if that weren’t enough to get fans’ hearts beating faster, she then turned to Twitter to announce that the lingerie line will include all shapes and sizes.

The inclusive new line will feature bra sizes ranging from 32A to a 44DD, while underwear sizes come in extra-small to a 3X. With the average woman being a size 16 to 18, there’s certainly demand: The plus-size women’s clothing industry is valued at $17 billion, according to NDP Group. More recently, fashion brands like Reformation, Target and Reese Witherspoon’s Draper and James clothing line broke into the market by introducing their own plus-size designs.

Though she’s not on screen, the whole thing is clearly a Rihanna concept, she’s shifted the gaze from men lusting after photoshopped lingerie models to actual women explaining what is feels like to be them.

We have no reason to doubt that Rihanna will bring the same diversity thoughtfulness and unforgettable design to Savage X Fenty that she’s brought to Fenty Beauty. If you need an official countdown to the second you can get your credit card ready, Rihanna has you covered at Savage X Beauty’s website. We’re predicting record lingerie sales, naturally.

Fans have already been showing an outpouring of support on social media, singing RiRi’s praises for incorporating plus-sizes into the line. So it’s safe to say Rihanna could be hitting a high note by folding messages of body positivity into her new fashion brand.