Bohemian Style Inspiration Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Steal Attention
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Bohemian Style Inspiration Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Steal Attention

Bohemian Style Inspiration Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Steal Attention

Bohemian style enthusiasts definitely need a mix and match reference that makes the look look so quirky and maximal. Like the bohemian style of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Having a background as a little actress whose life is always highlighted camera since childhood, personal evolution of both styles is interesting to note. From the look of girly, boho-chic, glam, grunge, to minimalism, have tried both. Now, as designers, their look is likely to be more quirky and high-fashion, in line with their label development.

Their appearance in Met Gala 2017, Mary Kate and Ashley chose outfit which is quite a contrast to the style seen on the red carpet. Both appear in a matching bohemian style and their distinctive makeup, smoky eyes, nude lips, and that barely-there makeup.

Mary-Kate himself wore a high-collared, off-white lace gown and furnished it with black lingerie and bead necklaces. Her free hair was decorated with small braids, while Ashley preferred the sleek hair she tucked into her embroidered jacket.

Under the jacket with the fur, he wore a white lace dress. Not a few people who dislike the Olsen Twins outfit choice yesterday, but you know what, because it’s fancy.

The style of their red carpet at yesterday’s event was a personal interpretation referring to the 2005 Comme des Garcons collection, “Broken Brides.” Their way of honoring Rei Kawakubo, the label’s designer became the highlight of the evening.

Met Gala itself is not a place like the Oscars where all invited guests automatically wear beautiful dresses, it’s a night where guests are invited to celebrate fashion and the arts. And also, that’s what personal style they bohemian style as a designer and young women, and we are all about supporting personal style!

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