Bella Hadid Addicted To Something That Is Not a Model Profession
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Bella Hadid Addicted To Something That Is Not a Model Profession

Bella Hadid Addicted To Something That Is Not a Model Profession

Hadid brothers are famous for his beautiful and handsome look. All three, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid and Anwar Hadid work as a model.

However, this model’s profession was not entirely a ‘passion’ of a Bella Hadid. If modeling is not the number 1 thing he most enjoys, about Bella Hadid would be what if she did not dabbling in the world of modeling? Apparently, Bella Hadid will become a racehorse athlete. Seen from a video post on her personal Instagram that shows himself riding a horse.

“I had the opportunity to ride this gorgeous horse! The thing I like best is spur the horse and I’m back again! My heart is so happy,” the title of this beautiful model is written in his instagram account.In fact, the world of horseshoe is already familiar to Bella Hadid. It’s also ingrained in the Hadid family, not for Bella Hadid only. The mother, Yolanda Hadid, has already taught her three children Equestrian skills even since they were small.

Evident from some private photo postings on Yolanda Hadid’s Instagram, which shows photos when Bella Hadid and Little Hadid Gigi while they are riding.

Quoting from Vogue, Bella Hadid also had the opportunity to show “inner charm” as a model in the context of a horse race. When it became one of the models in the Fall 2011 fashion show Off-White in Paris Fashion Week, the lady is a Libra wearing a denim camisole with a white shirt, plus blue boots. It looks so stunning.

Hairstylist Off-White, Jawara, wants a curve of Bella’s exposed facial bone. Thus, he styled Bella’s hair with a ponytail style. Similar to the style of a horseman or Equestrian.

I got a little bit up, normally, a little lower than that,” Jawara said.

This appearance is reminiscent of the childhood of Bella Hadid as he was busy wrestling hobby horse. As a child Bella Hadid and Hadid Gigi had at the same time playing horses with her mother.