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3 Best Outfits from Coach’s Gothic Pre-Fall Collection

3 Best Outfits from Coach’s Gothic Pre-Fall Collection

Coach’s new collection fuses the essence of gothic grunge with the noir romance of icons such as Stevie Nicks and Axl Rose to paint a picture of fairytale New York. Stuat Vevers, executive creative director of the brand,  collaborated with Disney this time to entice a younger generation with retro monogram clutches dedicated to each of the seven dwarfs, as well as embroidered images from the Disney classic Snow White.


Overall, the collection mirrors the styles seen on the streets of New York: the eclectic textures and colours and the eccentric motifs combined with 70s rocker-inspired accessories create the illusion of a 21st century noir princess. Here are our personal favourites from the collection:


  1. The powder pink lame sweater and poisoned apple at its core is an idel piece for a whimsical and warn fall look. Trendy leather trousers, washed with blue and strewn with pockets, and snakeskin pointed shoes add a strong rocker touch to balance out pastel top.

    Then the handbag, a modern take on Bonnie Cashins’s classic duffel bag, adds nuance to the diverse colour and texture scheme of the look.

  2. Florals againts the black simply epitomise the sweet goth look Coach is going for in this transitional season. The red satin lace up shoes are reminiscent of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers yet another doorway into the fairytale realm.

    Another whimsical detail is the homage to Sleepy the dwarf on a keychain attached to the sophisticated leather handbag.

  3. The layers of lace, leather, satin and faux fur in a overall beige tone set this look apart in the collection with a taste of resort Luxury. Rose gold lining on the laced up leather boots plus shock of blue on the fur coat immediately catches the eye as statements in an otherwise subtle ensemble.

    Keeping the collection away from Dark Monotony, this outfits gives us a taste of the fall to come, but allows us to cherish the luxury of the summer holidays for just a little bit longer.